TeaRx develops an innovative drug, the representative of a new class of anticoagulants – blood coagulation factor Xa inhibitors. Anticoagulants are vitally required during a range of diseases, as well as after the most part of surgical procedures.

Due to TRX1 molecule unique parameters, it will have significant advantages over the competitors, including dramatically wider therapeutic window in a range of indications

TRX1 is the only Russian next generation anticoagulant developed with the support of MinPromTorg of RF in terms of federal program «Pharma2020»

The medication meets all the modern requirements to anticoagulats:

  • Oral administration
  • Rapid onset of action
  • Wide therapeutic window
  • No cumulative effect during chronic administration
  • No need (but possible) to monitor coagulation parameters
  • Absence of significant medicinal or food interactions
  • Same dose for all patients, regardless of weight, gender, age and race
  • Very low renal excretion (vital for patients with cancer)